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Engineers Programming Solutions founded in September 2003.

We have worked with many industries including Air Handling Units, Kitchen Ventilation, Refridgeration, Acoustic Control, Industrial Doors and Curtain Walling to name a few.

The aim of our company is to offer programming solutions for engineering companies at a realistic price. Our chief programmer has over 30 years programming experience and can offer programming in VB.Net, C++, VB6, Pascal, Auto Lisp, SQL Server and Web based html & ASP.Net code.

As an apprentice trained skilled engineer he can offer an informed answer to your technical questions and an insight into fabrication and manufacturing methods that most programmers can not offer. He has both skills in Fabrication and Mechanical methods being employed in diverse rolls from Kitchen Canopy manufacturing to Gear Box design and construction and also working as a tool room engineer for 3 years.  

One of our main specialities is in writing code for use with CAD packages and post processing packages such as Radan. Drawings can be automated reducing drawing times from days to hours or hours to minuets. If you have a cad package then I am sure we can help you in improving drawing time, accuracy and production. In our experiences, programs will pay for themselves within 6 months of them going 'live'.
  Email: enquiries@epsolutions.org  
The Total Programming Solution From A Single Source